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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Written by: The Tinkerporium

Get fully kitted out in nerdy style in time for the new school year

As soon as the summer holidays began, I noticed that shops had back-to-school items on display, which led me to two thoughts; one, summer has only just begun and we are already wishing our time away, and two, I wonder if there are any TTRPG creators making items that would be perfect for back to school? So for all you TTRPG fans out there, here are a few awesome creators whose items would definitely work for that back-to-school cool.

Vinyl stickers for decorating journals, pins for your backpacks or jackets - what's not to love about Green Leaf Geek’s dicey designs. Based in Canada, they also offer a variety of gaming equipment, their own board game and lots of dice. I especially love their Moon Kitty Glitter round sticker, it’s so cute.

Based in the US, Shaw Paw Prints has a beautiful array of watercolour die-cut stickers that would be perfect for decorating a journal, planner or device. Their artwork includes paintings of animals, dice, flowers and woodland scenes, which they also use to create magnets, greetings cards and art prints.

How cool is this Student’s Talisman pin from Nona Gallery? It’s inspired by different lucky charms and totems from around the world and would make a welcome addition to a backpack or jacket. Not only does UK-based brand Nona Gallery make Talismans but they also have some amazing sticker sheets, key rings and art prints.

Looking for something to put your favourite book or planner in to keep it from getting messy in your bag? The perfect solution is a book sleeve from Crafts and Wonders. This UK based brand has over 60 book sleeves with different designs as well as sleeves for a kindle and some pretty hair scrunchies that can complete your back to school look.

Looking for something more practical - maybe something to add to your pencil case? Why not a dice pencil from Born in the Barn. Perfect for doodling, drawing or taking notes, these pencils look great and are functional as a D6 - just roll the pencil! As well as pencils, Born in the Barn create bookmarks, D20 jewellery and keyrings with usable dice inside so you can be prepared for any encounter and have a die with you always.

Finally, why not check me out at The Tinkerporium! I am based in the UK and create handmade notebooks with dotted or lined pages perfect for Maths and English or general note-taking. I also design journaling stickers, bookmarks and tote bags which could come in handy for carrying all your new kit. There are designs for individual gaming classes too - embrace your character during your studies and go back to school with the power of a hero in your bag.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these wonderful creators' items and now have some fun ideas for showing off your hobbies and passions while at school. Check out more from these artists, and make the most of the summer holidays!

All shops and products were open accurate at the time of writing. Small businesses will change stock, or run on drop systems, so make sure to check out their page if a product/link is no longer showing.

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