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The Tinkerporium


Character Books & Sheets, Clothing & Bags, Dice Bags, Mugs & Homeware, Stickers & Stationery, Products for Kids, Spell Slot Trackers


Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Accepts custom orders:


The Tinkerporium designs geeky patterns and graphics based on fantasy, TTRPGs and various nerdy things, then create beautiful products, from notebooks, mugs and stickers to clothes and dice bags, using these patterns. They even make character notebooks and campaign journals. These notebooks would make a great substitution for printed character sheets, and could make organising different characters as easy as setting aside shelf space for these notebooks!

The Tinkerporium aims to be as Earth-friendly as they can with their choices in materials, products, the companies they work with and the packaging they use. This makes them a great option if you want to buy TTRPG items and other such nerdy creations from a small business, while also being as eco-friendly as possible!



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The Tinkerporium
The Tinkerporium
The Tinkerporium
The Tinkerporium
The Tinkerporium

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