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The Tabletop Creator Hub is your portal to discovering some of the finest small businesses the TTRPG and nerd-culture world has to offer. Here you won't find mass produced trinkets and generic accessories, what you will find are magic items hand-crafted by passionate and dedicated makers. Every creator is fully vetted by a committee of existing Hub members, which means you can shop safe, all while knowing you’re making someone’s dream come true.

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The Story so far...

Kerry and Ryan set out on the epic quest of connecting you to these purveyors of ethereal equipment in January 2021, however their journey began much earlier than this. Through years of working with incredibly talented makers, Kerry’s passion for elevating them and showing off their talents grew. Having started creating her own magical accessories back in 2018 with Tabletop Crafter, the trials of running an independent business taught her the importance of community and supporting others, which eventually led to the launch of the Hub!


Together with her partner Ryan, they built the site, working tirelessly for a month to fully design and code it from the ground up. This first iteration officially launched during UK Games Expo, June 2021, with around 150 brands already on board.

Since then, with the help of fellow Hub creators, the website has expanded, evolving from its hard-coded roots to offer you more than ever before. So, if you’re seeking new adventuring gear, stop by our Creator Directory, and make sure to take a browse of our Articles, each one written by a Hub maker and full of RPG tips, shopping guides and interviews.

This site wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Lauren, the website wizard over at The Tinkerporium, and Jodie of Jodie’s Dice Farm, our resident Druid and copywriting extraordinaire. 

Of course a huge thanks goes to our Hub brands, for continuing to motivate us and cheerlead the project, and everyone who has supported us via Ko-Fi and Patreon. You are all wonderful and we are beyond grateful for your support.


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