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Written by: Jodie's Dice Farm

Be ready to be the best gift-giver this year: here's a hand-picked list of some FANTASTIC gift ideas for your gamers and geeks.

As we creep into the new year, we face another round of Birthdays. Gone are the days of panic not knowing what to get someone: here is your handy dandy guide to some great giftable goodies you can get for any of your gamer friends and loved ones! From some stunning dice storage to padding out your DM's mini collection - gifts someone made by hand and with love will really put a smile on your friends faces!

Moon Dice Tray - Wood & Faux Leather

These gorgeous trays come in three different sizes, and different wood colours - and ON TOP of that, for great gifting, you can even add custom engraving on the bottom! This is my favourite design, but they also offer class-based designs and much more!

If you're shopping for anyone into norse mythology, vikings, and badass iconography - Art Of Arklin is your answer. This print of Vegvisir, the Viking Compass, would look incredible in any game room - and they have shirts or hoodies if you're looking more for apparel too!

Shopping for your Game Master? What could be better than these coupons!! From a coupon to reroll your dice, to a coupon to make an attack a critical hit - spice up your games with these legendary boons! They come on perforated sheets, so your DM can tear out and redeem as needed!

We all know the way to any tabletop gamers heart is one thing: dice. And catering to the spookier side of things is Cryptic Crits, whose specialty dice are these Phylactery dice: beautiful, gothic, and blood red. They have more designs on their site!

If your giftee is more of a pastel, splash of colour type - then look no further than Runefable; The King of Petri. They work with gorgeous bloops of colour through their dice, and it's become an iconic Runefable style. These would be a stunning addition to any goblins hoarde!

Unexpected mimics might be my favourite thing to throw in a session - so any game master will be THRILLED to receive this wonderfully grotesque miniature. Modular Worlds have a HUGE range of miniatures available on their Etsy, so you could even put together a little gift basket for your game master!

Is there a better gift than a cosy blanket? Yes. It's a cosy blanket with dice on it! I would be THRILLED to receive this one - you can never have too many blankets. NEVER. Perfect for getting cosy under and writing campaign notes!

So: fret no more about upcoming birthdays, these seven makers will have you covered for the year ahead. Make sure to check out their stores for EVEN more gift ideas! Will you be buying any of these for your loved ones? Let us know in the comments! To read more like this, why not check out our Halloween shopping guide, or this Pride themed guide?

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