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Self Care but Make it D&D

Tackle that all-important me-time like the hero you are.

Self-care doesn’t need to be expensive, so I’ve compiled a list of affordable ideas based on the Dungeons and Dragons classes! Some of these are common advice, while some are a little more unusual, there’s truly something for everyone. So; get those feet up, settle in and enjoy! 


Your creativity deserves time to shine! 

  • Try out a new recipe, something that excites you, maybe try to include your favourite ingredient.

  • Watch videos on how things are made to entertain your curiosity.

  • Find an origami tutorial online and fold up something neat.


Find ways to acknowledge your emotions!

  • Do a ten-minute bodyweight workout! Netflix has some videos available for this. 

  • Write down your thoughts on a sheet of paper - then crumple or tear it up! Release that pent-up energy.

  • If your space allows, scream along to some power music! There’s a surprising number of metal covers of popular songs that can get you in a proper rage groove. 


You deserve time to shine!

  • Dance party! Put on some clothes that make you feel confident and dance in your own home. Be as silly as you want! 

  • Find karaoke videos on YouTube and belt it out! 

  • Try to go out and get some social time, if you are able. Why not head out to a cosy coffee shop with a friend, or drop a DM to your bestie to chat about your latest creative endeavor, and share those passions!


You’re always taking care of everyone else - now it’s time to take care of you!

  • Make a cup of hot herbal tea. Drink it slowly and savour the flavour and relaxation. (Can I take this moment to recommend Honeybadger Games’ RPG tea, how on theme!)

  • Do some meditation and check-in honestly with your body and your heart. 

  • Engage with your favourite cleric domain. For Tempest, maybe some storm sounds will soothe you. For Trickery, watch some retro cartoons, my suggestion is Bugs Bunny!   


It’s time to reconnect with nature!

  • Take an outdoor walk and try to find at least three different kinds of flowers. You can take this a step further and learn their names.

  • Indulge your inner cat wildshape and lounge in the sun, whether it’s in a bright window or outside. (Please practice sun safety if you are outside.)

  • Eat some fresh fruit (or Goodberries), if it’s accessible to you. What tastes more like spring than a fresh crisp apple?


Work hard, play hard!

  • Take a hot bath or shower to soothe those aching muscles from training.

  • Spend ten minutes on a treadmill, go for a jog or go on a little walk while listening to epic soundtracks. Just spending some time outside, whether you’re exercising at all can really help incite that second wind.

  • Do some power poses (like standing with your arms outstretched) for a couple minutes each day and remember how strong you are!


Find strength from within

  • Build up that DEX stat with a yoga routine! This works well to relieve tension and can be done at a variety of ability levels. 

  • Write down a list of positive intentions at the start of the day.

  • Devote some time to solitude and unplugging from electronics.


A noble and devoted hero!

  • As a favour to your future self, do one chore you’ve been putting off.

  • Make a list of daily affirmations (an oath of positivity and truth, if you will).

  • Watch a movie that inspires you and makes you feel heroic.


Animals are good for you.

  • If you have a pet, spend some dedicated time with them - this is especially helpful if you can get them some exercise!

  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

  • Find a park that features your favoured terrain! I like to visit lakes and listen to the waves. 


So cunning and sneaky!

  • Learn a sleight-of-hand magic trick from a YouTube video.

  • Do a little brooding, but also keep a journal so that you don’t get stuck there.

  • Acknowledge your sensory needs by climbing (safely) on stuff. We know you want to perch. 


The power has been inside you all along. 

  • Write down a list of things you like about yourself, even if you can only think of a few to start.

  • Revisit a piece of media you used to love.

  • Embrace wild magic and be spontaneous! 


Part of a twisted and wondrous story…

  • Do a casual photoshoot, making sure to include dramatic and silly pictures. We know your CHA is high!

  • Cast Sleep (on yourself). Make your bed and go to sleep with plenty of time. Dream of your adventures tomorrow!

  • Take time to be your own patron and go to a coffee shop by yourself.


A devoted student of the arcane!

  • Visit a library and wander freely. Remember that all this knowledge is yours to enjoy!

  • Arrange a board game night with friends.

  • Learn a new cypher and write something in it.

Take care of yourself, because you deserve it! Keep adventuring!


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