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Written by: Tabletop Crafter

Everything you need to know about our presence at Tabletop Scotland

Tabletop Scotland has always been one of my favourite conventions; the atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, they pride themselves on aisle spacing so you never feel cramped, and the organisers are one of the most caring I’ve ever met. You can truly tell that the team are invested in creating a positive experience for the attendees. While not the biggest convention in the UK, it has very quickly become a key player in the TTRPG and board gaming event calendar, and so it felt the perfect place to introduce the Hub on a larger scale.

We wanted to go big with Tabletop Scotland. So, after some in-depth discussions with Dave, the event organiser, we devised a plan, and we’re finally ready to share that with you!

While UK Games Expo saw over 35 Hub brands in attendance spread across two halls of the NEC, each trader was there of their own accord. We were able to bring them all together through our fliers, pointing attendees to visit each amazing creator, however, it didn’t quite hit on one big feature we want to incorporate into the way Hub shows up at events.

We want to be able to bring Hub wares to fellow nerds, even when those creators can’t attend the event themselves. Tabletop Scotland is in Perth, and while we do have a Scottish contingency, most of our brands are scattered not just across the UK, but across the globe. So, we came up with the Hub Table! We booked out seven 6ft tables… Which for context is about one and a half bus lengths, or about eight and a half Danny DeVitos. That’s a lot of table space!

This is because we’re bringing products from 13 Hub brands from both up and down England and even from across the pond! That’s right, some of our American creators are sending goodies, meaning this will be the first time you can get your hands on their items in person in the UK! Tabletop Scotland has released their floor plan already, so below you can see exactly where to find the Hub table (it’s E27). Manning this table will be me, Ryan and a couple of friendly helpers, including Hubbit bearSound Studio!

On the Hub table you’ll find new shinies from the following folk:

From the UK:

Jodie’s Dice Farm - Handmade jesmonite (faux stone) dice and trays, plus prints and homeware

Dungeon Tokens - Laser engraved wooden tokens and accessories for your battlemaps

Critical Miss Dice - Handmade resin dice, specialising in liquid cores

The Dice Djinn - Handmade, sharp-edge resin dice

Dungeon Delves - TTRPG inspired comics and art

Four Score Wood Work - Handcrafted wooden trays, dice boxes and accessories

Spikings Art - Stunning artwork and stickers

The Fey Portal - Handmade jesmonite trays and accessories

Lunamise - Delightful pop culture designs and cute nature themes in pin and stationery form

Mini Geek Boutique - Dinosaur and geek inspired accessories for yourselves and your little ones

Tabletop Crafter - Of course, you’ll also find my products there too! All the scrunchies and headbands you could ever need.

From further afield:

Fantasy By Numbers - A stunning selection of wooden wands available to custom order on their website

M.S. Illustration - Cute takes on characters you love and fantasy themed art

The Alchemist Circle - Handmade wooden gaming accessories, including dice trays and boxes

We also will have our first-ever run of Hub stickers! Including a flaming skip, cursed toy babies and a cute owlbear, all designed by Hubbits Jodie’s Dice Farm and Illusionary Constructs. You can pick these up at the Hub table!

If you thought that was a lot of Hub, well we’re not finished yet! We really wanted to emphasise the idea of a Hub Market Square, so we were able to organise for a bunch of Hub brands to be placed around the Hub Table. You’ll find some Tabletop Scotland regulars, along with brands new to the event, and creators that are a rare spot on the scene! Making this the convention not to miss!

Hub Market Square

E17 - RuneFable - Master of the petri style handmade dice

E18 - GelatinousCute - A shrine to the jelly cube, handmade dice displays and 3D prints

E19 - Nona Gallery - Gorgeous artwork and pins to represent all your whims

E21 - Kasasagi Jewellery - Handmade from start to finish, nerdy and gothic jewellery made from sterling silver and gold

E22 - Honeybadger Games - For a sweet treat, you’ll find jelly dice and dinosaurs, plus their delicious range of themed tea

E23 - RachMakes - Spookily cute critters, from dice guardians to art dolls of mothman himself

E24 - Illusionary Constructs - Beautifully macabre artwork, tragic yet poetic, plus dragon prints

E26 - Geckohedron - Handmade dice with signiature lizard toe number design

E28 - ChaosCurios - Scented candles to transport you to a fantasy world, from pop culture to TTRPG

E29 - Emmanuel’s Collective - Handmade dice bags, Pocket Hero pins and tees and dice jails

E30 - Misty Moon Illustrations - Stylised artwork from Critical Role to Pokemon, plus all the dice stickers and stationery you could need

E31 - Trayed and Tested - home of the funky coloured dice tray, find your favourite fabric framed by painted or varnished wood

Plus! You’ll find a couple of other Hubbits there too, in Strathmore Hall. We didn’t find out until too late that these Hubbits would be there, but we love that our influence is spread across two halls!

There you’ll find:

M07 - The Fantasy Wood Works - Handmade boxes that mix resin and wood, plus meet STOWII

M16 - Lost Haven Art - Artwork and indie TTRPGs to try your hand at

M21 - Fistful of Crits - Homebrew settings and scenarios to incorporate into your games, plus stationery and stickers

So that’s a whopping 30 Hub brands being represented for the weekend! Make sure you’re following along on our social channels to spy all the festivities, and if you’re attending, pop over and say hello!

If you can’t attend but would like to purchase your own Hub stickers, with all funds going back into the Hub to support the project, drop us a DM on Instagram or Twitter!

Tabletop Scotland runs from Friday 25th - Sunday 27th of August, with trade halls open from Saturday, and is hosted at the Dewars Centre, Perth. Tickets are available now, here.

We also sat down with lead organiser, Dave, so keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming interview with him to find out all about how the event came to fruition, and what to expect from the event.

Until then, if you’d like to read more about Hub and conventions, you can read about when Hub went to AireCon, here.





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