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Dungeon Delves


Artwork, Audio & Video Services, Stickers & Stationery, Zines & Reading



Accepts custom orders:

Yes on Art Commissions

Hello - I'm Dungeon (also known at Kat, They/She), and welcome to my lair! I make comics about playing TTRPGs, focusing on the relatable parts of the hobby we all enjoy. You can find my comics on ko-fi, available in print or digital format, as well as a variety of other products such as stickers, prints and calendars. I also offer art commissions there too, ranging from emotes to full character portraits.


Finally, I am available for work on video content (such as kickstarter videos), able to create animation and motion graphics work. You can find examples of these on my carrd link. You can get in contact via my email or social media links to discuss rates.



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Dungeon Delves
Dungeon Delves
Dungeon Delves
Dungeon Delves
Dungeon Delves

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