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Kasasagi Jewellery


Dice, Jewellery


Bristol, England

Accepts custom orders:


Claire of Kasasagi creates jewellery inspired by the natural world, the unusual, macarbe and occasionally geeky.



I wanted to create elegant jewellery to show off my love of dice, TTRPG's and board games. So I came up with my collection 'Play' creating miniature dice, meeples and dragons made from recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gems.


I am always thinking up new designs to express my love of all things geeky and nerdy, including some anime inspired pieces coming very soon! So be sure to follow my instagram to keep up top date.


About me

I am Claire (She/her) and I have been a creative all my life and started Silversmithing about 8 years ago. I started out by doing a ring in a day course, then signed up for a 12 week evening course, then another 12 weeks, and another...... and here I am 8 years later!


I started Kasasagi Jewellery in Septemeber 2018, after realising I had far too much jewellery and should probably see if other people wanted to also wear some of my shinies! Would you like to join my flock?


As well as loving creating, I also enjoy gardening and of course tabletop gaming, roleplaying and a lifelong gamer.



Brand Gallery

Kasasagi Jewellery
Kasasagi Jewellery
Kasasagi Jewellery
Kasasagi Jewellery
Kasasagi Jewellery

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