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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Written by: Griffin Stitches

12 Awesome Drinking Accessories for your Game Table

Sarah from Griffin Stitches is here to help you lay your table ahead of your next game night using the geekiest of drinking accessories from fellow Hub brands. Whether you’re after a new coaster set or a stainless steel wine glass, you’ll find 12 different drinkware options to marvel at.

Dungeon Master Mug by Trayed & Tested with Misty Moon Illustrations

Trayed & Tested, along with partner artist Misty Moon Illustrations, have created some beautiful hand-drawn modern calligraphy for these mugs. With options for every D&D class, as well as Dungeon Master and a few other designs - there is sure to be something for everybody.

D&D Stats Mug by Mint and Mustard

Are you proficient in Sarcasm? Is tact your dump stat? Let the world know where your true character strengths lie with these stat block mugs from Mint & Mustard. Five 'statistic' options are available: Sarcasm, Moxie, Panache, Sass, and Pizzazz.

Hardwood Coaster Set by D. Taylor Woodworking

These drink coasters are made to order by one crafts-person from start to finish - so all are made with care and a high attention to detail. They are made from Walnut (darker color) and Ash or Maple (lighter color), they each have beautiful grain, feel great and are strong enough to be durable and long-lasting. Best of all, they also offer custom engraving!

Personalized +2 Caffeine Mug by Heathmaid Emporium

Caffeine - the core magic item in all D&D games! Show your love (or reliance) for your beverage of choice with a personalized mug from Heathmaid Emporium. It can be customized with your IRL name, character name, class, or whatever you fancy.

Dwarven Mythic Mug Can Holder by When Dinosaurs Attack

The Dwarf Mythic Mug can holder is ready when you are for some frosty brews, without breaking the immersion of your epic gaming table! Mythic Mugs are fantasy themed can holders - by design it can hold a 16 ounce can, but with included insert, a 12 ounce can be held. This is one of many designs by Ars Moriendi 3D, and 3D printed by When Dinosaurs Attack. All designs can be printed in a variety of colors and are available with or without threads (to be used for the optional add-on lid).

Ceramic Dice Coasters by Griffin Stitches

These ceramic coasters by Griffin Stitches are the perfect addition to your game table. The colorful graphics are infused into the ceramic, making them washable and durable. They are backed with cork to protect your tabletops, and come with a metal stand to stack them all up. Coasters come in a set of six to represent the different polyhedrals, and you can request custom colors to match your theme.

La Paladin Art Nouveau Mug by Brandi York Fine Art and Random Geekery

Brandi York’s distinctive Art Nouveau style is gorgeous, evocative, and geeky to the core. With designs for a myriad of classes, characters, tarot cards, and fan art - you need to have some of this art in your home. And since the designs are available on a variety of products (including mugs, of course), you have many options to choose from!

Engraved Dice Sword Hip Flask by Mayhem and Magic Crafts

Do you need something a little stronger to build up courage for that next boss battle? Mayhem and Magic Crafts have you covered! This 6oz stainless steel hip flask is laser engraved with a sword that has polyhedral dice for the blade. You can even request personalization, and the text will appear on the bottom half of the back of the flask.

Dragon Wine Glass by Geeky Tendencies

Behold the beauty and fury of these mythical beasts! Four dragon variants will help you get your geek on at game night. Hand-drawn art features a Wyvern, Wyrm, Western Dragon & Amphithere. Double wall, stainless steel insulated, stemless wine glass, vacuum construction with copper insulation, makes for a highly durable cup for your favorite vintage.

Dragon Tapestry Potholders by Silly Sheep Crochet

Ok, so these may technically be potholders from Silly Sheet Crochet, but who says a potholder isn’t just a large coaster? They are handmade with any color combination you like to match your game table decor, and we love the traditional tapestry vibe they provide.

Dino Adventure Mug by Mini Geek Boutique

This ceramic mug features Derek and Irene as they start their adventure. Don’t know Derek and Irene? You have a treat in store as you dive into the adorable world of tabletop dinos created by Mini Geek Boutique. The design shows Derek the Stegosaurus and Irene the Parasaurolophus out on a walk, the sky is blue, and on the other side of the mug is a road sign that says "Adventure".

Dice Flowers Tea Towel by Fantastic Knickknackery

And finally - with all these fantastic beverages, someone is going to crit fail and spill all over your table at some point… So why not have a dice-themed towel ready to go? The royal purple outlines, mint green leaves, and gorgeous split-fountain gradient flowers makes this hand-printed tea towel not just an adorable addition to your kitchen, but also a piece of functional art! The spectacular duo at Inkling Print Company have screen printed these awesome tea towels by hand, one layer at a time, so by purchasing them, you're supporting not one but TWO Hub businesses!

All shops and products were open accurate at the time of writing. Small businesses will change stock, or run on drop systems, so make sure to check out their page if a product/link is no longer showing.

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