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Written by: Jodie's Dice Farm

As the sun rises earlier, and the rays spend more time peeking through our windows - the season of spring is upon us - and how better to celebrate than to update your hoard with some of the best springtime nerdy buys?

We've always got our eye on what our hubbits are up to - so today we've gathered some of the best things you can grab to celebrate the season!

This candle has scent notes of green florals, moss and cucumber earth to create a wonderfully fresh smell to put a spring in your step! A perfect scent to accompany a cup of tea by the window in the sunshine.

It's the season of our fuzzy-butted buzzy friends - and how better to embrace this season of growth than to have one of springtime's most majestic little buzzers on your box? This dice box has such detailed engraving with floral detailing perfect for spring.

Shop: Unartick

What says springtime more than cherry blossoms? Refresh your organisation with a pouch for your notebooks and pens - keep them all in one place for your gaming sessions or doodling moments!

Freshen up your game table set up with a pop of pink - this jesmonite tray will soften your dice rolls and look wonderfully cute wherever you keep it.

Nothing is better in springtime than sitting outdoors with a good book - and if you have too much on your TBR and can't choose, this adorable pad will solve that for you. Just write your list and let a D12 decide!

If you'll be treating yourself, let us know in the comments what it is you're going to grab! Or peruse more of our wonderful brands on the creators page.


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