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Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Pride is the time we don our rainbows and show how proud we are to be authentically ourselves, whether in or out of the closet.

While big corporations rainbow-wash their wares, TTC brings you a selection of thoughtfully designed, handcrafted and small batch-produced items that celebrate diversity and foster inclusivity.

Rainbow T-shirt for geeks, be proud of your hobbies and passions! This black organic t-shirt features a rainbow transfer designed by Mini Geek Boutique and heat pressed on the front chest area. Each colour contains icons and graphics associated with being a geek such as games controller, dice, flasks, potion bottles, brushes, planets and of course, dinosaurs.

A trendy bucket hat for the stylish member of the party. Protects the adventurer’s head in case of illithid encounters or psionic attacks, with the added benefit of supporting the femme gamer community. Dungeon depths also offers many other products celebrating Pride and Identity. Each sale of this hat donates $1 to a local Women’s Center. Women’s rights are human rights!

A single large d20 with 10 pride flags hand-painted onto each face, there are two of each flag. The flags are: Rainbow, Bi, Pan, Trans, Non-Binary, Ace, Aro, Lesbian, MLM, and Genderfluid. For every Pride set sold a $10 donation will be made to The Trevor Project.

A Lesbian pride flag cross stitch pattern designed by ComicallyCrafted. Finished size: 4.3 x 4.3". These Cross Stitch PDF patterns are available to download digitally and come in 7 pride flag designs.

Roll with Pride! Celebrate pride and identity at your table with this beautiful rainbow dice topped candle. Handpoured in small batches in Scotland using coconut wax and complete with a wooden wick. 25% of profits are donated to LGBT Youth Scotland year-round.

These Rule of Love Elderwood Academy Hex Dice Chests are made to order and available in many different designs. The beehive style holds 7 18mm dice (or smaller) and ship in 3-4 weeks.

The stickers are of a see-through bottle of bubble tea with a pink straw, with heart shaped boba pearls inside. The colour of the tea and the pearls change with each design, taking up the pride flags pattern and colour. Available in most pride flags and custom orders are accepted.

Pansexual Sky is a hand-painted polyhedral dice set, inspired by the colours of the Pansexual Pride Flag. The flag’s iconic pink, yellow and blue are coming together to a colourful galaxy on each of the seven dice. Whether you're a member of the pansexual community or an Ally, these hand-painted dice are sure to make a statement. Available in many other pride flag colours.

Pronouns, get your pronouns here! Whether you're sick of being misgendered or just trying to normalize things, these lovely little leafy pins will let everyone know how to refer to you!

Throw away the shackles of gender, become dice! This tiny gremlin patch will allow you to show your rejection of the gender binary and your love of dice all at once. Nifty. Made by an LGBT designer and creator.

Want more small business shopping inspiration? Head to our UK edition of shopping small! Or looking for LGBT creators to support? Go check out our Instagram post highlighting some of our LGBT members!

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