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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Written by: Jodie's Dice Farm

Breaking down down why to shop small, and highlighting brands you need to know!

Tabletop gaming is a fountain of creativity, of imagination, of theatre. Therefore, it is no surprise that many tabletop gaming accessories can be found in small shops by local creators; artists who love the game and turn that love into something for others to use. There is a wonderful crossover of players and artists who combine this passion to offer creations truly unique into the world; whether it be something they made, wrote, or designed.

Want a dice print scrunchie? We have you covered. A new set of dice? Check. Want to read some unique indie modules to get new game ideas? Sorted. The Tabletop Creator Hub directory has more than you could imagine, with makers to answer any nerdy desire. It’s built by small creators for small creators, so every time you click through to a store or read about a brand’s product, you’re making many dreams come true.

Shopping small means bringing a true smile to someone’s face when they see your order come through. It means an artist being able to buy more art materials, keeping that passion alive for the maker, and even helping them to follow dreams of running their business full time. When you buy from a small business, you’re not just another order number - you’re the person that makes our day. You’re the reason we do a little happy dance around our workspace. You’re the reason we keep going.

When you shop small, you create an opportunity. You get the best, personal customer experience, and receive something that’s unique and special. You even lower your carbon footprint! That’s why it’s so important to shop small.

On the Hub we feature hundreds of small businesses so that you can find whatever it is you’re looking for - and if you’re not sure yet? Well, here are some ideas:

They embody the storytelling and worldbuilding ethos of ancient Britain to enhance your RPG experience with new and unique content.

Whether you want to deck out a battle vest or stitch them onto a backpack, their patches are perfection - not to mention they also have awesome stickers, notepads and more!

They have an entire range of ‘play’ themed pieces, from dice pendants, cufflinks and earrings to even little meeples, all fully designed, poured and etched by hand.

With their wonderful range of handmade dice bag, you'll find a whole host of whimsical and beautiful fabrics options from just £10.

Handmade resin dice worth of a dice-dragon's mighty hoard! Axolotl Dice's creations are as colourful and quirky as the name may suggest; and they even have their own unique font to match.

Dungeons and Dragons themed wax melts are within your reach! Final Boss UK's entire range of fantasy-themed wax melts will make your games even more immersive, or just make your house smell great, either way!

These are just a small handful of businesses that are in our directory, so make sure to go to the Hub Directory to discover over 200 businesses (and growing) for your nerdy needs all while supporting small businesses, and watch out for future articles for ideas in other locales.

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