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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Written by: Pen and Hen Scratch

Stock up on sweet treats and child-safe accessories all while shopping small

Everyone seems to think that being a nerd is just for grownups. Well, they are wrong: being a nerd is for all ages. This article is filled with resources to find amazing products to share with your friends and family. We have baby rattles, candy, wands, and more - something for everyone for all your little ones!

Oh baby, baby - Baby rattles. Yes, you are seeing that right. You can get a personalized D20, Master Sword from Zelda, Buster Sword from Final Fantasy, Thors’ hammer, or even a Battle Axe. You can snag yourself one of these luxury rattles from just $30-$40. Whether you want one for yourself, your little one or to give to someone you love; these safe and tested toys are the perfect gift from one nerd to another.

Are you a sorcerer, wizard, druid, or just a person really into wands? Well for $48 you can build your own custom wooden magic wand. Just like visiting Ollivanders, the wand of your dreams is at your fingertips. While you can order a premade beautiful wand, Fantasy By Numbers shop offers custom wand creation - you can choose wand length, colour, shape, and wood type. They also offer bulk wands to decorate yourself… or I guess share with friends if you can give any up that is!

All I can say is… It looks so real! Honestly, I love the look Mr G. Willickers specialises in. Their shop is full of props: but not just any props, foam ones, making them soft for playtime with the kids. He remakes wands, books, mimic chests, swords, can koozies in the shape of a tankard, and more. With prices from $25-$125, he has the perfect product for any budget. So, whether you are looking for a lightweight mimic chest with a secret compartment or a Star Wars wallet, Mr G. Willickers is ready to work with you.

Giant storage dice, say what! A giant dice that I can put together with my child using minimal tools, that we can paint ourselves and make awesome memories together? There are 7 different shapes to choose from? Yes, please! These giant polyhedral capsules start at around $40-$50, and you can choose from a DIY kit version or a pre-constructed form. If you'd like a version fully finished, take a look at the inked versions, too! How much fun is this?

What pretty pillows you have my dear! Why thank you, these particular pillows are Wild Magic Bags' handmade, dice pillows. There are two different offerings, plush D20 cushions, and a D6 baby rattle pillow, made to roll safely, hold its shape and be loved by a little one. Prices range from $50-$125. Pillows this sweet should be shared right? Right? Well, that's up to you. Personally, that D20 with the gold foil would be a great gift for my niece... but I might want it for myself. Tee hee.

What do kids, and kids at heart, love most? Candy! What candy do they love most - that’s right, dinosaurs, dice and game-piece-inspired candies. Honey Badger Games supply candy in the shape of dice and mini potion bottles, meeples and even dinosaurs. With more than 20 different flavours, you will be sure to find the perfect taste to tickle your family's fancy. Their prices are also great at around $5 a vial, making them an affordable option for a fun and special night with the family. We've all been tempted by our click-clacks, the forbidden candy, and now every time you get that urge... just reach over and grab a handful of your new and tasty sweets from Honey Badger Games.

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