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Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Highlighting the Up-and-Comers of the Dice World.

Many of our members are well-established brands. However, there are others that make amazing products but don't get the exposure they deserve!

When buying from larger brands, you get what they have available. When working with small businesses, the chances of them offering custom commissions are greatly increased! Those makers not only sell dice that speak to you, but some offer dice that are made JUST. FOR. YOU!

Below is a list of great Tabletop Creator Hub brands (in no particular order!) from this quarter that you may have missed!

These dice offer something truly different: something that stands out again the usual. Jana manages to capture different aspects of reality and hand-paint them on dice. Amazing stuff!

Not limited to only speciality dice making, Little Lions Lair makes amazing 3D printed towers, coasters, potion bottles, keyrings, jewellery and a few miniatures too! Need something unique for your DM? Check them out!

Need to commission custom dice? Screaming Muse Dice could be your answer! A musician by day, a dice maker by night. Need an epic music theme composed for your character? That’s also an available service!!

Need gorgeous dice? We found some here! They were also recently involved with the successful Emerald Templars Kickstarter! Keep an eye out for any upcoming dice drops!

Colourful dice and open commissions? Royal River Apothecary has a wide selection of available handmade dice. Be on the lookout for their dice drops!

As a two-person team, Empire Dice UK brings together their combined tastes and styles to create a unique and truly collaborative sharp edge, handmade dice set. Swirling glitters, bold colour combos and carefully selected ink choices all beautifully complement each other in these sets, showing this pair work so in synergy with each other.

Handmade, holo and glitter, all used to make amazing dice over at Void Creations. Custom commissions are available for them to make some of the most elegant dice out there! Do not avoid the Void! (yes, that just happened)

Commissions, Trades, Mini resin dice guardian figures, oh my! We’ve been following this maker for quite a bit and look forward to their next shop drop!

Wow, maybe we just have a thing for bees, but call me stunn(g)ed! If you haven’t checked their insta, look for their ‘Gelatinous Pip Pals’ FTW. They’re amazing.

That’s it for this quarterly edition, check the Tabletop Creature Hub for the latest updates and newest additions from your favourite makers!


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