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In the Tabletop Creator Hub, we have a plethora of talented artists who will bring your or someone else’s precious characters to life, who are available for custom orders. And in the spirit of goodwill, getting in early and giving the artists as much time as possible to work their magic: we're sharing some now, to inspire your Christmas present ideas!

Pen and Hen Scratch collated an awesome list of artists in March with a list including Eeowyn’s Doodles, Malwelch DND, Jeraldereth Art, Misty Moon Illustrations, Zombie Art 12K, Tarly Arts, Raven’s Blood Studios & Figmenter - you can read that list here

But with our growing community, let's highlight even more artists that can bring your character to life!

Vibrant, cute & body positive - RedStrawBaby’s art bursts off the page with character and style. Fueledbyart

From dark and brooding to colourful and cute, Fueldbyart’s versatile style is sure to bring magic and charisma to your commission! M.S. Illustration

Ultra cute and heartwarming, M. S. Illustration will make your heart melt as they breathe life into your commission. Sea.dragon.di

From the magic users to the fighters - Sea.dragon.di can capture the essence of your commission with their skill and talent.

Looking for something bright, bold and stylish? Then AlienPrideArt’s visual style and colourful portraits bring something exciting to your commission! Clever Bunny Company

Cute and wholesome, Clever Bunny Company specialise in Pet portraits - so if you have a four or more legged friend who you wish to have framed, then check out their stunning work! All of these artists have various social media platforms, so check them out. Have a good ol’ scroll at their previous works - then If you’re ready to go - hit them up and get chatting! Make sure you have the following information ready to help the artist in the best way to make sure you get the most out of your commission! 1 - Who are you having created? Can you give them any discerning features, a description, any reference images? 2 - What is your deadline? If you have a set date in mind, then express that early. 3 - What is your budget? Does the artist have tiers of commissions? Which one would you like? We hope you find some amazing artists and please tag us in any commissions you get organised on our social media!

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