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Written by: Jodie's Dice Farm

Some of the spookiest supplies for the most haunted of seasons

It’s the season again when we celebrate the haunting of the Hub - and I’m back to share some of this year's best spooky pieces by our frighteningly fantastic Hub brands! Whether you want to bring some scary stories to your table, or just spook up your home: this is a must-read for anyone like me whose favourite holiday is Halloween!

What could be a better start than some gothic fine art? Print Is Dead specialises in the darker side of fantasy, and has a huge range of artwork that will be a beautiful addition to your home through and beyond Halloween. This risograph print is particularly seasonal with its skull theme and colour scheme!

If you prefer to wear your skulls - well this necklace is for you. Seers Circle 3d print these realistic raven skulls, hand painting each one to look truly bonelike, without any of the fragility of real bone. Channel the luck of the old gods when you wear this charm!

What's more synonymous with Halloween than the glorious bat? This frosted glass is absolutely plastered with them! What a charming way to channel the spooky season, and it's just perfect for coffee or a glass of fresh blood (of which we mean a good merlot)!

Being bats for bats, I had to include these fantastic page holders that are handcrafted from various woods. They're available in standard shape too, but that's less thematic! I personally have this bat holder, and it makes it way less strenuous to hold the book open. And spoopy.

The Alchemist Circle specialises in engraved dice boxes - and their Halloween offering this year is one of their most stunning works. Shaped like a coffin, you can choose from lots of designs for the engraving - this particular coffin is in padauk, with a blood-thirsty red hue to it.

What would a Halloween list be without ghosts? It is the haunting of the Hub after all! These little tea ghouls are a sweet nod to Halloween that you can keep on anything! Whether you want to spookify your notebook or your water bottle - tea ghouls got your back.

So get into spoopy season and support small artists at the same time! You can find all these artists and more on our creator directory, or read last years Halloween features here!

All shops and products were open and accurate at the time of writing. Small business will change stock, or run on drop systems, so make sure to check out their page if a product/link is no longer showing.

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