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Written by: Mini Geek Boutique

Whether you’ve just purchased your 10th set of dice, or invested in an exquisite handmade set, making sure you’re looking after them pre, during and post-game is important. Continuing from last weeks feature on bags and trays, this week we cover even more options!

Dice Vaults

A nice way to carry your beloved dice is with a dice vault. These can be great unique pieces that store your dice both safely and with style.

Dragon Horde Fates End Dice Vault

A Dragon Hoard Dice Vault

Make a statement at the gaming table with these 3D-printed dice vaults

Oak Hardwood Dice Box

An oak wooden dice vault

The classic wooden dice vault is a popular way of storing your favourite dice, and these beautiful vaults include different woods for a truly stylish storage solution

Dice Towers and Jails

Towers are a fun way to roll your dice, whether it’s the classic cuboid shape or something a bit more unique, there are different finishes and types of towers to suit your needs!

Arabesque Dice Tower

Dice tower

Beautifully intricate, elegant designs make these towers a must-have for your DnD sessions, including a receptacle to collect your dice.

Tower of Possibility

Dice Tower

A dice tower that's also a tray that's also storage!? A mixture of materials of laser cut wood and acrylic, using this tower is sure to make dice rolls much more fun!

The Brig Collapsible Dice Jail

Dice Jail

We all have those dice where that consistently test our patience with poor rolls. Give them a time-out in this dice jail!


Bundles are great for folks who want to have a matching tray and bag.

Purple Dragon - TTRPG to-go keychain, Micro Dice Tray and bag

Mini bundle

This bundle has no right to be this cute. Yet it is completely functional! Take your gaming on the go without worrying about carrying everything in a bag. Hang these off your keys instead!

Teal and Purple Forest Dice Tray Bundle

Dice care bundle

Carry your dice in this unique zipped pouch which you then store in the matching tray and then you can store everything in its own little matching bag!

Bonus action: things we love!

Dice Display

Dice display

A truly unique way to display your dice after you’ve used them.

Golden Elixir Floating Dice Potion

Dice potion

Let the fates decide with these floating elixirs that contain a D20. Do not drink the forbidden potion.

Dice Guardians

Dice guardians

Cute handmade dice guardians are ideal for protecting and displaying the special clickyclacks.

Visit the Tabletop Creator Hub for lots of other ideas for storing and using your dice in your games!

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