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Written by: Mini Geek Boutique

Whether you’ve just purchased your 10th set of dice, or invested in an exquisite handmade set, making sure you’re looking after them pre, during and post-game is important.

The Hub already has an article on how to take care of your dice, but here’s our list of some of our favourite ways to store and use your dice in-game, and a list of some amazing makers to shop from! From bags to guardians, there are so many options - so we've highlighted all of the options - starting with the trusty dice bag.

Dice Bags

A classic way of carrying and storing your dice, dice bags are great to keep your dice hoard in one place. Some are designed to hold that one special set that's beloved and you want to keep safe, and some are huge and designed to hold entire collections!

Adventure Dice Pouch

Leather dice pouch

If you are looking for a pouch that keeps within the fantasy/mediaeval vibe these pouches are ideal! And they double as dice trays when you open them up too! Genius.

Goblin Dice Bag for Dice Goblins

Goblin dice bags

A dice bag to show off your proud Goblin status. I have one of these, it is glorious and can hold a few of your favourite sets. The quirky design is a great conversation starter and each one is handmade to an incredible detail and finish.

Star Archer XL Dice Bag

Archer dice bag

Beautifully made drawstring bag big enough to store your dice and minis in, with the option to have your bag custom made too!

RPG Print Dice Bag

RPG dice bag

This faux leather with exclusively designed fabric drawstring bag holds quite a few sets of dice and with a gusseted bottom stands confidently on the table.

Dice Trays

Trays are the best way to roll your dice. They can keep your dice contained and prevent your maths rocks from launching themselves off the table (we know they do it on purpose) and are available in a plethora of styles and finishes.

Foldable Cube Tray

Dicey dice tray

Shop: Unartick

These fabric-based trays are great if you are transporting your gaming equipment a lot as they can be flattened by unclasping the buttons, when you need to use them you just pop the corners back together!

Skull Dice Tray with Storage

Skull printed dice tray

A unique way to have your dice to hand with a convenient dice storage next to your tray. Available with the option to be lined or unlined for maximum click-clack noise.

Red, Blue, and Gold Resin Dice Tray

resin dice tray

A beautiful and unusual design that uses resin to line the tray, a truly unique item.

Visit the Tabletop Creator Hub for lots of other ideas for storing and using your dice in your games!

Next week we'll bring you even more options, with a rundown on vaults, towers and more!

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Unknown member
May 29, 2023

I might have some details about dice vaults that can be super helpful when making a choice, including which ones will fit larger dice or that are easier to pull your dice out of than others and such.



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