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Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Written by: Screaming Muse Dice

A comprehensive guide on commissioning: do's and don'ts when shopping for custom art!

Congratulations on investigating commissions! You’re going to make an artist very, very happy. Now comes the part that has you reading this guide: How do you go about requesting a commission? This guide applies to all sorts of art commissions, whether it is character art, music, or dice.

An image of five arms holding up artist tools, from left to right  -a paintbrush, a palette, a palette knife, a digital pen, and a big brush
Image by on Freepik


Choose an artist you like! There’s a massive variety of marvellous artists out there. Undoubtedly, one of them has something for you. Factors to consider include style and specialization. It just so happens that you can even search by artwork, handmade dice or even audio/video services here on the Hub directory page - and member pages on the hub will even tell you if the artist takes commissions! This process also helps with the next step.


Make a clear idea of what you would like. Artists are great at taking your idea and making it come to life, and this goes even better if you give us a good place to start!


Make sure their commissions are open. This is often stated in an Instagram bio or a similar place. Distinguish between commercial commissions (like for authors or MtG cards) and personal commissions (probably what you’re after). Providing reference images is incredibly helpful! You can use websites like Heroforge or Picrew to make reference images for free.


Take a look at their prices to make sure they work for you. If an artist’s work is out of your price range, it’s best to look elsewhere. There’s art available in all kinds of ranges, so it’s likely you’ll find something. If not, don’t be afraid to ask around! You can also check if they have a commission form. Some artists direct you to a form to organize their commissions, while others prefer to chat via Instagram DM or email to discuss what you would like.


Here’s the brave part - reaching out! Don’t be scared of artists, though. We tend to be very nice and eager to work with you! Use whatever medium the artist prefers, just to be polite. The artist may ask for some or all of the price upfront if you choose to work with them. After this, you can work with the artist to craft your dream commission! Most artists will reach out throughout the process and send sketches or progress photos to make sure you like where it is going.


Enjoy your wonderful art! Thank you for supporting artists!

A photo of a dicemakers pour set up - a dice mould is the main part of the image, with bottles of green ink around it
Image by Screaming Muse Dice

Now that we’ve got all the positives, I’d like to add a few advisory notes just to make sure the process can go as smoothly as possible.

Please accept an artist’s prices as they are. Choosing how to price our work is very personal and takes a lot of thought.

Please avoid asking an artist to copy someone else’s work. Most artists respect each other too much to engage in copying.

In the unlikely situation that you feel like working with an artist isn’t for you after you talk to them, it’s okay to decline to request a commission. It’s much better if everyone feels great about the process!

That’s it! Thank you for reading all about commissions and for your support. I hope this guide was helpful to you.

Best of luck, adventurers!

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