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No one knows your character as you do: their icks, their vibes and their personal world. But sometimes you might need a bit of prompt to come up with their entire personalities. If it’s a long-term campaign, they will grow, evolve and learn so it’s always handy to revisit and see if their answers have changed!

To help with that, we’ve got another list of questions and lists for you to look through, and answer as honestly as possible for your chosen character. It’s easy to answer as yourself - but really try and get into the mindset of your character!

Side tip - I like to create a Spotify playlist for my character - songs they would like, and any atmospheric music that might help me get into their mindset.

So why not create a playlist - get in the zone - and check out our prompts below!

What is your character’s favourite:




Country to visit (Fictional/Real)

Thing to do to unwind

Planet or Constellation

Nocturnal Animal

Flavour of coke

Type of pasta



Way of travel

Dance move


Would you rather:

Bubbles or Bath Bomb

Crunchy or Smooth peanut butter

Wand of Smiles or Wand of Fear

Rely on strengths or Exploit opponents weaknesses

Toes for Fingers or Fingers for Toes

Country or Seaside

Hug or Handshake

Loot the body or Give a proper burial

Open the door or Keep it closed

Become a giant or Become ant size

Fire or Ice

Breathe underwater or Walk on water

Spring or Autumn

Sell their soul to a God or Make a pact with a Demon

Laying in or Early riser

Kill your friend if they betrayed you or Let them kill you

Oppenheimer or Barbie

Situational scenarios:

You come across an open portal to another dimension - how would your character test it was safe?

You have accidentally let a dangerous person free - do you let them go, or chase them down?

You discover an old ritual to bring back something ancient - and the requirements seem to fit someone exactly like you - do you complete it?

You come across a wounded animal - what do you do?

You come to a village in the middle of some sort of revolution - whose side do you join?

You go back to buy that expensive item you were umming about and find it sold out

You come across a Bag of Holding, with someone's name on it - do you return it or keep it?

Do you have any regrets, and if you had the chance - would you do the same again?

Art by Misty Moon Illustrations

Which of the other members in your party does/would your character:

Like the least?

Like the most?

Is pretty indifferent too?

Would date?

Would be happy to never see again?

Would push off a cliff?

Would give their last arrow to?

Would throw under the bus to save themself?

Like to see their backstory trauma resolved?

Is there an NPC that they wish had joined the party?

We hope that this helps you delve deeper into your character and helps to really flesh them out Do let us know in the comments if it’s helped! Happy Roleplaying!

For more character prompts, check out part 1 here.

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