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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Written by: Tabletop Crafter

Go geek-chic for the season of sun, sand and surviving heatwaves.

The weather is heating up and nerds everywhere are venturing out to enjoy nature and sunshine, and what we can only hope will be many, many barbeques. But the warm weather brings with it that age-old question “what the heck do I wear?”. You want to keep cool while fully embracing your inner geek, and there is no better place to shop than small when it comes to niche fandoms and dice, dice, dice. We’ve collected just a handful of the incredible brands found across the Tabletop Creator Hub to help you prepare for Hot Nerd Summer! So, get ready for style from head to toe:

All about the hair

It’s scrunchies galore over with Luna Lynes, but the biggest draw here is every single fabric is fully designed by Luna Lynes herself. From sweet pastel dice patterns, Critical Role profiles, and RPG monsters, to 90s throwbacks, cute critters, and video game-inspired designs, throwing your hair up into a quick pony or bun has never been more delightful.

There’s nothing worse than your fringe sticking to a forehead sheened with sweat, and we can’t think of a more perfect way to keep your hair out of your face than scooping it back with a headband decorated with whichever nerdy theme has piqued your interest this summer. There’s everything from galaxy print, nature, and cute creatures, to D&D, superheroes, and video game designs, something to suit every outfit!

Topping it off

We’re prepared to fight anyone who doesn’t think owlbears are the cutest D&D creature, even more so when drawn by Mini Geek’s hands! Available in a stunning shade of grey, their Owlbear T-shirt will suit any summer day’s activity, whether it’s going for a stroll along the seafront, tending to your garden, or relaxing with some friends over a drink. We can’t get enough of this design, fully created, cut, and hand-placed by Mini Geek herself!

Nothing keeps you as cool as a tank top; summer is not a time for sleeves! 88Riddles has such a wide range of designs available, each one beautifully created to be unique, so you know you’ll be wearing something special on your next beach trip. We had no idea how to choose from their designs, let alone whether to go full tank top or cropped! Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed.

Short but sweet

Swimwear shopping is so tricky, is it just us or do the high street shops just refuse to cater to our nerdy needs? Well, we were delighted to find that M.S Illustration offers their bold RPG Moon and Stars design on swimming trunks! (and bikinis but you know, that didn’t quite fit with our very catchy subtitle…). With a drawstring waist, fast-dry fabric, and fully lined, these shorts will have you conquering the summer in style!

All dressed up

The Fighter Longsword Dress was designed to be reminiscent of an armoured chest plate, but is a whole lot more comfortable! Whether you’re sipping lemonade in the garden, or need an extra knightly flair for your next game session, you’ll be sitting comfortably all day long in this dress. The most important thing to know? It has pockets!

Skater dresses are our outfit of choice when it comes to battling the hot summer sun; fitted with flattering flair, this style will keep you cool. Well, when that dress is also covered in a bright, all-over D&D pattern, how could you say no? There are a bunch of different colour options but we had to pick out this beautiful turquoise and sunny yellow design.

Bag it up

Pin and Tonic’s Bumble Bee Ita Bag screams summer to us! With detachable, holographic wings and glitter-encrusted insert, you’ll be proudly toting not just your togs, but your pins too! Fill the insert with all your favourite pins (which Pin and Tonic are happy to supply too, check the rest of their store for pins galore!), and they’ll stay nicely protected with the transparent covering on the front.

It’s wedding season

We’re hitting that time where beautifully intricate invitations are slipping through our letterboxes and kicking off the sudden panic for new outfits and accessories for our loved one’s big day! There’s nothing more fun than adding a touch of nerd to your formal get-up, and our best advice would be to start with the tie. Witch Hunt creates the most stunning range of nerdy ties we have ever seen. Each one is fully embroidered and made of the most high-quality fabric that no one would ever think of it as a novelty tie. Lots of designs are available, but we had to show off the stunning Beholder option!

All shops and products were open accurate at the time of writing. Small businesses will change stock, or run on drop systems, so make sure to check out their page if a product/link is no longer showing.


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