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Written by: Tabletop Crafter

Get to know the master repurposer and dice-making extraordinaire!

We sat down with Aether Objects, one of our featured creators to hear all about their journey into dice making, their unique style and their latest Kickstarter!

So, who are you and what do you do?

Hi! I'm Anthony, an artist from the United States, based in the greater NYC area. I’m the creator and artist behind Aether Objects, where I make custom handmade polyhedral dice.

Tell us about Aether Objects, how did you get started?

I launched Aether Objects in October 2022. During the earlier part of that year, I made the transition from my primarily digital art practice to sculpture. This journey was like a crash course in dice making; I had to learn material handling, working with resin and silicones, as well as the entrepreneurial aspects of running a business. It was a big leap for me!

You have such a distinctive dice style, and we love your Star Trek inspired designs! Where does your inspiration come from?

I started by creating the dice I had always wanted. Each die transformed into a handheld sculpture, capturing a larger concept. I explored styles like gothic rose windows in the Cathedral series and armour-inspired dice in my Cold Cast series. As a huge fan of Star Trek, I wanted to pay homage to the franchise through my designs. The Bridge Crew series embodies the aesthetic of Starfleet uniforms. While it's an abstract representation, you can quickly grasp the concept upon sight. Connectivity is my prime inspiration. For me, creating is a way to connect with others and those interactions spark new ideas.

What’s your favourite product you’ve ever made?

It has to be my OK Pro design. What makes it special to me is two-fold. Firstly, it serves as a proof-of-concept that showcases the skills and material handling I've developed as a dice maker. I had to venture into using jewellery-making tools and techniques to carve out and inlay the individual aluminium faces. Secondly, it holds a deeper sentimentality. It reflects my interest in upcycling e-waste into my collections; even the pigment is made from toner salvaged from discarded printers. The OK Pro is a tangible representation of my digital background, craftsmanship, and passion for gaming.

What’s one hidden gem piece that you wish more people knew about?

Abalone! This series is one of the most sought-after in-person but is often ignored online. To truly appreciate it, you really do need to see it first-hand. The series incorporates a stunning blue paua species of abalone from New Zealand. Working with natural shells is a challenge, but the end result is incredibly rewarding.

How about yourself away from the business, what makes you tick?

As an artist, I’ve had a pretty wild career exhibiting all over the world. I’m also an educator, having been a fine arts professor for over a decade. Outside of my profession, I'm a gamer, I love open-world PC games, and of course, tabletop RPGs. I obsessively research color science and collect antique colour theory books. I'm also the proud owner of a miniature wire-haired dachshund named Sailor Moon (left) and a long-haired dachshund Willow Wisp (right)!

We love hearing about a fellow nerd’s journey into the hobby, how did you find your passion?

I've been a lifelong Trekkie and computer nerd, but my journey into tabletop RPGs began more recently when I met my now husband. I married into a gaming family, and my father-in-law was my first DM. We started playing D&D in-person every Friday night, and even now, we continue the tradition remotely on Discord. During my first visit to a tabletop gaming convention, I felt an immense potential for creative exploration and collaboration. At the time, I didn't know in what capacity I would contribute, but I knew that this was my community.

What’s your favourite thing about the TTRPG community?

It’s a lively network of fans and creators united by a shared nerdy passion. From arts and storytelling to game design, fashion, and illustration, this community showcases a diverse spectrum of creative expression. It's a space where I can blend all the fun parts of who I am and collaborate with others doing the same.

Do you have anything coming up that we should know about?

I have so many exciting things in the pipeline! I’m introducing larger-scale full sets, D6 sets, lots of new materials including glass and gemstone, and most excitingly, I’ve just launched a much anticipated Kickstarter! The Mixtape Dice are forged from cassette tapes and housed in iconic boxes, these dice transcend ordinary game elements; they are a trove of bardic lore!

Where can we find you?

I've really been bitten by the convention bug, being a vendor really energizes me. You can find me at various fairs and conventions throughout the year. To stay updated on my upcoming events, connect with me on social media, I’m @aetherobjects everywhere!

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I'm passionate about making a positive impact, and one way I do that is by donating to non-profits focused on LGBTQ+ advocacy and inclusive gaming. If you're a non-profit or organization interested in collaboration, please get in touch. I also welcome opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations on joint initiatives, events, or projects!

Make sure to check out Aether Objects’ Mixtape Dice on Kickstarter now! If you’d like to find out more about some of our featured artists, you can catch up with dice maker SailorZCreations, or grab a coffee with TTRPG writer, Fistful of Crits.


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