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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Highlighting the Up-and-Comers of the Dice World.

When buying from larger brands, you get what they have available. When working with small businesses, the chances of them offering custom commissions are greatly increased! Those makers not only sell dice that speak to you, but some offer dice that are made JUST. FOR. YOU!

The Hub prides itself on supporting small businesses no matter their size – whether they’re already well known in the community, or if they’re just starting that journey. Knowing how easy it is to miss those smaller, newer brands, The Alchemist Circle brings you a list of outstanding Hub dice makers that you should check out.

So, in no particular order, here are a few brands from this quarter that you may have missed!

Spectacular swirls of petri and space is what you’ll find at Serene Creations. A single-person shop working their way through school while finding time to create amazing pieces of dice art!

One part of a two-person team, this maker features dice with various inclusions and artistic swirls. Dice isn't the only thing on the menu as they also offer many other items such as keychains, coasters, foil prints and wall decor!

Specializing in faux-stone dice, from a sketch in a book to rolling on your table, each set from Jodie's Dice Farm is made by hand by one artist (or Farmer). Using Jesmonite, a fine, concrete stone-like compound, they're able to produce sets that look like marble or stone, with unique patterns that are different every time.

With Dream Water Dice you get a mix of different styles all produced to a super high standard, from smoke and swirls to colour-shifting stained glass effects, this one is surely one to follow!

Artful swirls of petri pours and delicate wisps of shimmering gold, add to that vibrant holo foils and a sprinkling of glitter and you have a set of Outer Realms Dice in your mitts. Focusing on sharp edge sets, their mesmerising combination of colours and sparkles perfectly complement the crisp forms and unique font choice.

Need a 35mm chonk? They have them. Need a beautiful D20? Look no further. Rouge River Dice is a two-person team offering chonks, dice and chainmail dice bags!

Vibrant handmade, sharp-edged dice with all the foil and glitter you could want. Kuuriimu creates stunning pieces that are works of art. The self-titled Dice Alchemist leans towards non-standard D4 shapes, so all you pyramid-haters can rejoice!

Terrarium forge creates stunning sharp-edged dice sets filled with shimmering glitter and featuring different font styles, including one with major sci-fi vibes!

A mix of the astral and foil come together here for a selection of some very astounding pieces! Have a favourite? Ours is “Strawberry Milk”! That’s it for this quarterly edition, but remember, these are just a few of the many handmade dice artists featured in the Tabletop Creator Hub! Make sure to check out the directory using those filters to find even more.

All shops and products were open accurate at the time of writing. Small businesses will change stock, or run on drop systems, so make sure to check out their page if a product/link is no longer showing.

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