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Updated: Mar 16, 2023

The Lowdown on Having Your Character Immortalised in Art

Here is a lineup of our amazing creators who offer authentic and custom character art; your half-orc druid with a distinctive scar, your beautiful and mysterious Medusa, the hobbit rogue that no one suspects… That scene you just played at the end of your campaign, you know, the one where almost everyone died but you somehow made it... Those characters and scenes can be brought to life through the talents of these amazing artists.

If you want your character to look bodacious, whether in digital or marker, then Eeyowens Doodles is for you. Her prices start at traditional half-body full colour art for £74, digital full-body color for £80, and full-body digital with background for £97. If you aren’t looking for a perfect match for your character, she does also have really fun character portraits available for purchase on her Redbubble.

Your custom character could be a LEGO person. I am on cloud nine. She will supply you with a full-colour headshot for $15, an upper-body shot for $40, and a full-colour body for $60. Ok, ok, I’ll calm down - but only because all of her work is so good. She can do humans, animal people, robots, and more.

My oh my, what have we here. A maker who creates characters that jump off the page starting at $10 for a line art bust, up to $50 for a full-body in colour. They also offer custom dice trays to match your character, how lucky are we?

As a Becca of all trades, she makes you a custom character that can go on shirts, stickers, or mugs. She also creates pieces for custom trays to match your character, available to purchase via Trayed & Tested's store. It’s a win-win. With head and shoulder pieces starting at £20, and full party art going to £40, be sure to catch her next slot opening for customs.

You’ve got the idea in mind, this perfect scene with your character and their familiar but no one can see it the way you do. That’s where Zombie Arm 12k comes in. Their prices start at just £5 for a headshot and no background all the way to coloured full-body with shading and background at £48. With styles ranging from dark and broody to light and flowing, Zombie Arm’s shop can take that creation and make it digital so that you can share your perfect character with the whole world.

Looking at their work, I can totally see myself wanting to sit down and talk to these ladies; they have tales to tell! Just like your character has seen and done things, Tarly can take your character and have them sit right next to you. Her prices start at £20 for icons, £30 for the waist-up, and £45 for the full body. When someone sees your character in Tarly’s style, they are going to know just how awesome they are. You will be the talk of the table when you pull out your character art for all your fellow nerds to see.

I love a soft digitally personalised character and that's what Raven’s Blood Studios will give you, with bust sketches starting at £35 and going up to £135 for full-body artwork. Depending on custom requests, your vision will come to life to share with all of your friends to see and drool over. Did I also mention you can get a custom dice set for your character as well? I didn’t, well, now I did. Go, run, see and conquer.

Have you ever wanted to look at your table and see a mini figure of your character or the huge boss you’re fighting? Look no further than Figmenter. Their site is user-friendly and easy to understand, and with prices starting from just $35 for half-body line art going to $180 or more for busts and figure models of your own created characters, there is something for everyone.

All shops and products were open accurate at the time of writing. Small businesses will change stock, or run on drop systems, so make sure to check out their page if a product/link is no longer showing.


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