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Roll with Pride Cotton Wick Candle - Pride and Identity Collection

Roll with Pride! Celebrate diversity at your table with this beautiful rainbow dice topped candle.

This product is part of the ChaosCurios Pride Collection, which celebrates Pride and Diversity by doing more than just making beautiful rainbow products! ChaosCurios donates 25% of all profits from sales of this range to LGBT Youth Scotland. LGBT Youth Scotland is the national charity for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) young people. LGBTI young people face unique and additional barriers to realising their potential and that is why LGBT Youth Scotland exists. They believe Scotland can be a place where all young people can thrive and flourish, and they work alongside young people to remove those barriers; supporting young people individually, and amplifying their collective voices to influence change.

Add either a set of Layered Rainbow dice OR a set of Rainbow Mini dice to your order! (note these are REAL dice, not wax melts!)

Sizes: 100ml
Burn time: 20
Wick: Wool (100ml)
Scent: Rhubarb & Black Plum
Wax Type: Coconut

Handpoured in small batches in Scotland. Wax Melts handmade in Scotland.

ChaosCurios strives to be fully inclusive and illustrates this with both their wide range of roleplaying accessories and their growing Pride and Identity Collection. Be yourself, and be anyone you want to be.

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