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Around 5000 years ago, the ancient Druids of the British Isles created something incredible; something steeped in myth, magic, and lore. At it's heart, Stonehenge is about stories - the festivals, the gods, and memories made in the shadows of towering Sarsen Stones. At Sarsen Games, our goal is to embody the storytelling and worldbuilding ethos of ancient Britain, and enhance your RPG experience with new and unique content. Based in Wiltshire, the home of Stonehenge, we create crowdfunded projects that give everyone a chance to bring friends together and tell amazing stories.


Sarsen Games products are always available via Kickstarter first, and after several very successful campaigns, you know that when you back a Sarsen Games project, you won't be disappointed; from a book of 150 new spells, to 100+ new plants, a whole new pantheon of gods and even 25 new subclasses.



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