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Roll Mighty

Roll Mighty


Dice Bags, Dice Boxes & Jails, Dice Trays & Towers


Made in Sheffield, England

Accepts custom orders:


Ahoy to those bound to Travel, Roam and Gallivant, but most of all, to those like ourselves, whom seek the thrill of Adventure!


Let us take a moment to introduce ourselves and how we may be of assistance.


We are Roll MIGHTY, a fledgling business from Sheffield, we are a husband-and-wife-and-sprog team composing of a humble craftsman devoted to the arts of working leather, his wife who is still waiting for a bag that was promised many moons ago, and our best creation yet, chief rattler and quality assessor.

Everything that our hands produce is designed to last beyond your own adventures and beyond those of your kin too!


Currently working on our launch with a kickstarter for our first original design for the tabletop gaming community, The Adventure Rolling Tray, or TART for short!

The TART is innovative combination of a rolling tray and a dice bag unlike anything else available on the material plane, or any other plane for that matter!


Stop the vile ritual!
Slay the evil Dragon!
Save the innocent townsfolk!


Entirely Handmade from start to finish, each TART can carry a standard set of 22mm polyhedral gaming dice, with enough wiggle room for 4 more supplemental dice, as well as a writing utensil!.

When you are ready to play, simply unroll the dice tray, snap the… snaps into place, and you have a secure rolling surface which will contain your dice, so you no longer have to scramble around or down under the table to see the result of your overenthusiastic saving throw!

*NAT20’s not guaranteed*


Come find out how to get in on the pre-pre-release in a limited selection of colours and embellishments.

You can find us at our stall during the event, and hanging out on our discord when we finish the amazing weekend ahead for any and all questions.

Happy Adventuring, and remember to…



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Roll Mighty
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Roll Mighty

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