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Lucky Leaf Teas


Food & Drink, RPG Content, Self Care


Southeast London

Accepts custom orders:

Not right now! <3

Lucky Leaf Teas provides delicious, luxury-grade teas and herbal blends inspired by your favourite TTRPGS! With help from our trusty (yet troublesome) interplanar Teamon Tis-Anne, we're sure to find something to your tastes!

Our first line, "Teas for Adventurers", draw from the Player Classes of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, featuring blends such as the "Monk's Mindset," the "Warlock's Warning," the "Bard's Ballad" and more.

All of our blends are sourced with ethics and sustainability at the forefront of our minds. If estates and suppliers don't meet our baseline of ethical standards, we won't work with them! So you can rest easy that your cup of cheer is as good for the world as it tastes. In that vein, check out our monthly Chari-Tea blend, featured on the main page of our store! 10% of the proceeds each month go directly to charities in need!

We've got a lot of plans for new systems to produce blends for in the future! We're based in the UK, but can ship internationally, so wherever your band of adventurers meet, take a moment to relax and enjoy something tasty with those by your side!



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Lucky Leaf Teas
Lucky Leaf Teas
Lucky Leaf Teas
Lucky Leaf Teas
Lucky Leaf Teas

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