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Haus of Banshee

Haus of Banshee


Mugs & Homeware, Artwork, Christmas Decorations, Candles & Wax Melts, Furniture & Home Décor, Pet Accessories



Accepts custom orders:

Yes. I love these! You can do this by contacting me through the commission section on my website, or DM me on instagram.

Welcome to the Haus of Banshee!


I'm Gemma and I'm a ceramic artist who also happens to be a ginormous D&D fan and I handcraft homewares specifically for those who would brand themselves as "alternative" and want their home to reflect their interests and lifestyle (Grown-up geeks, witches, punks, goths, and you quirky, beautiful weirdos are all welcome to my coven!)


I'm inspired by all things alternative such as mythology, punk and goth culture, folklore, Dungeons and Dragons as well as nature. I love finding out about peoples DnD characters and making custom mugs that are inspired by their characters name, class and race (you can see an example of this in my cover picture).


I make a wide range of homewares with include (but not limited to)

- mugs and tankards

- beakers and tumblers

- jugs, teapots and pitchers and bottles

- cake stands, spoon rests, garlic graters, coasters

- wax melters, candle holders, trinket and alter dishes

- vases, wall art, pet urns

- paint brush holders, paint palettes


You can make purchases on my website (follow my instagram to find out about upcoming stock drops) and you can find me at expo's such at 2024 UKGamesExpo, Striking Events (Northampton Comicon), or you can find me at a number of different goth and alternative markets across Northamptonshire, Nottingham, Leeds, Bedford and Milton Keynes.


Welcome to my Haus, behold the wail of the Banshee!





Brand Gallery

Haus of Banshee
Haus of Banshee
Haus of Banshee
Haus of Banshee
Haus of Banshee

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