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Geeky Tendencies


Dice Bags, Dice Trays & Towers, Spellbooks & Deck Boxes, Mugs & Homeware, Dice Boxes & Jails



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Questing to protect your gaming gear, Geeky Tendencies have created a range of storage sollutions for your dice and spell cards. Fabric-bound spellbooks carefully handmade to keep your collection safe and organised, dice bags in a range of beautiful fabrics, and matching collapse and roll dice trays, all with the possibilty to fully match with the same designs. They didn't stop there though, hand painted dice boxes with delicate decoration including painted designs and even 3d printed elements promise to store dice, jewellery, or minis dutifully. If you're looking for a one-shot, why not pick up one of their handpainted sets complete with box, painted minis, small map, story overview and character and monster cards! You'll also find mugs and coasters so you don't go thirsty on your next adventure.


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Geeky Tendencies
Geeky Tendencies
Geeky Tendencies
Geeky Tendencies
Geeky Tendencies

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