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Fox Print Creations

Fox Print Creations


Artwork, Board Game Accessories, Character Books & Sheets, Dice Bags, Dice Boxes & Jails, Dice Handmade, Dice Trays & Towers, DM For Hire, Jewellery, Stickers & Stationery, Wholesale Options



Accepts custom orders:


Here at Fox Print Creations, we focus on making handmade nerdy goods for tabletop games, specializing in D&D. Our products include but are not limited to: Mimic Trinket Boxes, Handmade Resin Dice, Spindowns, and Dice Bags.


Fox Print has been around for 10 years, but over the last 3 years we have really come into our stride and found our niche. We are two artists who love D&D, roleplaying, and most things nerdy.

About Us:
V (she/they)- Master Crafter
V is our master crafter, who spearheads designs and creations of products. She is organized and focuses on making sure all products are as perfect as they can be. She is often found to be the DM of our campagins, though also plays a Sorcerer/Paladin Fire Genasi in a campaign.

Jean (they/them) - Assistant Crafter
Jean is the assistant crafter, they assist in the creation of products, ideas, and artwork. They pour love and passion into everything they create, making sure it is full of wild personality. They currently play as a Tiefling Bard in the campagin run by V.


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Fox Print Creations
Fox Print Creations
Fox Print Creations
Fox Print Creations
Fox Print Creations

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