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Fantasy Map Market


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Yorkshire, UK

Accepts custom orders:

The Fantasy Map Market sells fantasy maps, icons and tools for map makers.


Whether it’s for a novel, a video game or for role playing – we bring you the tools and resources to make beautiful maps. Perfect for building your own imaginary world.


The Fantasy Map Market is a sister site of the Worldbuilding School. All maps are digitally drawn by Nate Smith, editor of the Worldbuilding School. Unless otherwise stated on the map.


“Maps provide a solid foundation for building imaginary worlds.”

Nate Smith


Popular products

  • Vancano's Map Generator - a Photoshop action that helps you create beautiful looking blank maps. You can then build your own world using the map.



  • World in a Box: Bundle 1 - My World in a Box series was created to help Games Masters prep for building a world or campaign setting. Each map pack contains a blanks map in a number of styles. Bundle 1 contains the first 3 maps created.








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Fantasy Map Market
Fantasy Map Market
Fantasy Map Market
Fantasy Map Market
Fantasy Map Market

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