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Dapper Cat Dice


Dice, Stickers & Stationery, Dice Handmade, Dice Trays & Towers, Keyrings & Charms, Jewellery, Pins & Patches, Pride & Identity



Accepts custom orders:


Dapper Cat Dice's creations have a dusky, moody quality to them, oozing in personality and atmosphere. From feathers, real flowers to ethically sourced snake skin, their inclusions further adds to the depth of these pieces of art. Dapper Cat Dice also offer a mould making service, meaning if you have a set of master dice all ready to go but are not savvy with silicone, you are able to get your moulds made so you can get on with your dice-making journey.


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Dapper Cat Dice
Dapper Cat Dice
Dapper Cat Dice
Dapper Cat Dice
Dapper Cat Dice

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